Social Procurement: Adding Public Value through Engagement with Social Enterprises

This 1-Day Signature Seminar comes at a time when governments, at all levels, are beginning to implement a social procurement framework to leverage public dollars to achieve a positive social impact.

Why should you choose this Signature Seminar for your team? It will give them a chance to be at the forefront of positive change. See what your organization can achieve by envisioning procurement for the greater good.



“Social Procurement is an emerging trend, and attending this session will help me and my organization establish the framework and oversight to create success.

The best parts were the very open and great discussions. We had excellent opportunities to share stories, and the group was fantastic”

David Hallinan

City of Kamloops - Kamloops, BC

The Details

During this forward-looking and interactive one-day course, you will receive practical ideas that will help you increase value for your organization and community. While the cost of goods and services is important, the opportunities that social procurement brings to the table complement and leverage traditional procurement strategies.

You will gain a clear understanding of how the principles of social procurement can be applied to deliver meaningful results. We will debunk common myths and misunderstandings related to social procurement and explore the means to impact a broad set of stakeholders. Through case studies, exercises, lectures and the sharing of actual results, we can contribute to this growing global trend to do more ‘social good’ within the fiscal resources we are responsible for.

One of the keys to successful social procurement is engaging with social enterprises – a dynamic source of suppliers in every community. We will show you how to use social enterprises to benefit your organization and community, and how to quantify the results they provide. Lastly, we will discuss short- and long-term strategies to optimize the role of procurement in this expanding sector of the market place.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss core principles, as well as risks and benefits of social procurement.
  • Explore recent Canadian public sector social procurement initiatives.
  • Differentiate between local sourcing and social procurement.
  • Practice how to measure social return on investment.
  • Examine procurement strategies for engaging with social enterprises.
  • Practice drafting RFP criteria for Social Value.
  • Review other aspects and approaches to social procurement.

Meet Supplier Diversity Goals

NECI is more than 51% controlled and managed by women, and is a certified diverse supplier by WBE Canada. 


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“I attended this course because I am interested to know more about social procurement and see how my employer can implement social procurement principles and concepts to help the economy grow and prosper.

The best part about this course were the discussions, gained experience, and sharing of information

Karine Akopova

BC Housing - Burnaby, BC


Maureen Sullivan

President of NECI

Maureen Sullivan is owner and President of NECI and specializes in helping organizations maximize the value they receive from their procurement and contracting activities. She is a lawyer by training, has obtained her Certified Training Practitioner designation through ATD, and has authored over 40 classroom and online courses. Maureen also manages the curriculum development and instructor training for the Public Sector Procurement Program (PSPP) that has been accredited by the Canadian Supply Chain Research Foundation. Maureen is renowned for her engaging teaching style and ability to integrate legal concepts with business practices.

Larry Berglund | SCMP | MBA | FSCMA


Larry Berglund has been a lecturer for United Nations staff and advocates on the role of social enterprises as being an integral part of the supplier community. Larry drafts public sector procurement policies which address social and economic development opportunities, as well as assists social enterprises to successfully win competitive bids. He was involved in drafting the first social and ethical procurement policy for a municipality in Canada. He also created and now facilitates the SCMA Ethical Behaviour & Social Responsibility Workshop. Larry was recently awarded a contract to facilitate the expansion of social procurement strategies within government entities, increase the understanding by elected officials and suppliers, and to develop social procurement skills with procurement professionals. Larry’s recent book is Good Planets are Hard to Buy.


“I am actively involved in expanding social procurement in Alberta, so I was eager to connect with and learn from others. This was an excellent networking opportunity. Interactive exercises made it easy to connect and learn from a variety of people.”

Stephanie Jackman

REAP Business Association - Calgary, AB

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