This past summer, NECI hosted a BBQ to get to know our business community neighbours.  It was a huge success, bringing our diverse business community together to meet for the first time. The event also fostered an interesting conversation with the CEO and staff of ASPECT BC, our next-door neighbour. 
ASPECT BC provides advocacy for community-based service providers offering employability and career training. As not-for-profits, these agencies regularly respond to RFPs, primarily for the government contracts that are their key source of funding. As we know, the RFP process can be daunting for the most seasoned professional and is therefore particularly challenging for smaller agencies that lack the resources and training opportunities of larger organizations.
Our dialogue on that sunny afternoon illuminated the potential for future collaborations. ASPECT was seeking procurement training to help their clients build capacity to respond to the significant funding opportunities. ASPECT was thrilled to learn that NECI’s instructors are the subject matter experts in this field and offer a wide range of live, online and blended learning options. The synergy and timing was perfect.


On December 5th we launched the final session of a 3-part eSeminar series for ASPECT’s social service providers titled Responding to RFPs:

  • Part 1:  Making the Go/No Go Decision for the Competitive Process
  • Part 2:  Preparing Your Team for the Competitive Process
  • Part 3:  Tips for Success in the Competitive Process

These interactive online sessions have been very well attended. Participants appreciate both the ease of access with online delivery and the modest cost structure.

As an experienced procurement professional you understand the value of having capable and informed vendors responding to your processes. Rejecting an otherwise excellent proposal for a simple omission or a misunderstanding about the process is frustrating for all involved, leads to countless wasted hours and dollars, and can damage important strategic relationships.

This 3-part series can easily be adapted and replicated for other sectors, so if you’d like to discuss how we can help build capacity and confidence within your own vendor community, please contact us directly. We also offer live training with our one day course:  Preparing Bids and Proposals:  A Supplier’s Competitive Edge.

If you are interested in boosting the procurement capacity within your organization, visit our Course Calendar to view training dates for 2016 – 2017.