What is the CSCRF?

The CSCRF proudly supports cutting-edge supply chain research.

The Canadian Supply Chain Research Foundation (CSCRF) brings together partners in the supply chain sector to develop solutions to human resources challenges faced by businesses, organizations, and individuals in the supply chain sector. The CSCRF supply chain certification program improves the supply chain sector’s ability to attract and retain workers at all levels and across the full range of functions, and to advance the skills of those workers.

To achieve this, the CSCRF engages in activities that ensures:

  • Representativeness – to secure sector support
  • Responsiveness – to guarantee that the Council provides leadership and value-added service to the sector, its initiatives must respond to identified industry needs and issues
  • Connectedness – to establish and strengthen linkages with business and labour organizations, industry, governments and the education community
  • Results-based focus – to make certain that Council activities contribute to its short-, medium- and long-term objectives
  • Administrative soundness – to know that the CSCRF complies with legal, corporate and program rules and policies

Programs offered by NECI are accredited by the CSCRF supply chain certification program.

The National Accreditation Program (NAP) and Why it Matters

The National Accreditation Program (NAP) was established to recognize supply chain-related educational offerings that meet the Canadian Supply Chain Research Foundation’s national standard. The NAP standard – developed in partnership with the Canadian Standards Association and with significant input from supply chain stakeholders – reflects the industry’s needs and educators best practices.

The NAP’s Accreditation Review Panel meets four times a year to consider both individual courses and full-length programs for accreditation.

What is the Value of a CSCRF Accredited Supply Chain Certification Training Program?

A CSCRF accredited supply chain certification program gives students confidence that course offerings are comparable to other accredited education opportunities, and helps businesses by confirming programs meet industry standards.

The CSCRF National Accreditation Program provides an independent, third-party assessment of programs and courses against its national standards. Being a part of the NAP requires businesses to remain disciplined in updating course material and promotes the continuation of adherence to national standards. This ensures ongoing quality control and demonstrates committed long-term program excellence.

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