Early Market Engagement Strategies

market engagement strategy represented by crossword blocks stating strategy with think plan and manage running through it

The times are changing and more innovation is expected from procurement professionals. As projects become more complex, timelines become tighter and proponents become more sophisticated, why not create an opportunity to engage with industry during the early planning process? In many cases the reason we look to contract with the market is because they are the experts, so doesn’t it make sense to have them help you shape the way forward?

During this interactive session we will explore different market engagement methodologies through real Canadian procurements, and you will practice crafting meaningful questions for a complex procurement scenario. From early Proof of Concept strategies to Competitive Dialogue and robust Market Sounding, learn about mechanisms for reality-testing your procurement plan while ensuring adequate market interest.

Strategies we will cover:

  • Reverse Trade Shows
  • Invitation to Present
  • Proof of Concept
  • Market Sounding
  • Vendor Consultations
  • Competitive Dialogue
  • Constructability Review


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