IT Procurement: Challenges and Strategies

IT procurement can be highly complex, covers a broad range of IT acquisitions and is often associated with a relatively high failure rate.

Whether you are procuring off-the-shelf software or a customized IT system/software, this eseminar will provide you with an understanding of the challenges and selected strategies to improve your IT procurement.

If you want to address ways to improve IT procurement in your organization whether in the public or private sector, this Webinar will have something to offer you.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the challenges and key pitfalls in IT procurement

  • Review why so many IT projects fail

  • Explore selected strategies for IT procurement success, such as:

    • Effective Planning – Review the use of a needs analysis and other key planning tools to ensure that you are prepared for going to market with your IT needs

    • Methodology – Recognize the different methodologies on the RFx Continuum, look at innovative methodologies such as Competitive Dialogue and zero in on a methodology that fits your IT procurement needs and institutional practices

    • Statement of Work – Examine the use and development of an SOW

    • IT Procurement Techniques – Explore and make effective use of practices that can be used in IT procurement such as technical briefings, use of a data room, proof of concept validation and demonstrations and others

    • Containing Costs – Review the importance of containing costs and obtain an understanding of the cost containment strategy of bench-marking

    • Transitions and exits – Gain a better understanding of the importance transitioning to a new vendor even before the original contract is signed


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