Job Order Contracting

Applying Blue Book Labour and Material Costs to Construction Projects



Most public entities have projects which end up costing more than budgeted. The projects take longer than expected. Everyone follows the procedures and very few stakeholders are truly satisfied with the results. For this reason, conventional construction practices are being replaced by job order contracting (JOC).

JOC is not a typical procurement solution, nor is it a typical facility management solution. JOC is an innovative means whereby, following competitive solicitations, a primary contractor is selected to manage concurrent construction projects as an asset to the owner. This is a completely different business relationship with efficiencies as an incentive for both sides. JOC deals with all aspects of construction, including change orders, using a standard costing methodology with a firm, fixed price for each contract and all related subcontracted works.

Our Webinar will provide an overview, and discuss in-depth the costs and benefits of JOC versus conventional construction project management. We will draw on the experience of a Canadian municipality and provide real life examples of where annualized cost savings of 15% are being realized!

This course will be of particular interest to facility management, procurement, project managers, finance, and infrastructure planning staff.  Course Description

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss how job order contracting can be a more effective construction strategy
  • Identify the 4 main areas where savings are realized through JOC
  • Acknowledge the limitations of current construction practices
  • Explore the caveats with JOC
  • Share first-hand experience with JOC


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