Making the Business Case for LEAN Project Delivery

From ​simply ​incorporating ​LEAN ​thinking, ​tools ​and ​methodology, ​to ​a ​full ​Integrated ​Project ​Delivery ​model, ​there ​can ​be ​no ​doubt ​that ​taking ​a ​LEAN ​approach ​to ​construction ​is ​achieving ​positive ​outcomes ​in ​capital ​projects. ​Overwhelming ​statistics ​show ​that ​projects ​are ​more ​likely ​to ​be ​delivered ​under ​budget ​and ​ahead ​of ​schedule ​while ​increasing ​quality ​and ​out-performing ​traditional ​project ​delivery ​approaches. ​

Procuring ​LEAN ​projects ​focuses ​on ​a ​‘best ​value’ ​procurement ​approach ​using ​a ​number ​of ​criteria ​in ​addition ​to ​price. ​Project ​history ​has ​taught ​us ​that ​‘low ​bid’ ​rarely ​results ​in ​low ​final ​price, ​and ​attempting ​to ​shift ​project ​risk ​to ​a ​3rd ​party ​comes ​at ​a ​great ​cost ​to ​the ​owner ​with ​no ​guarantee ​of ​realizing ​projects ​that ​are ​on ​schedule, ​on ​budget ​and ​of ​the ​required ​quality.

Shift2Lean ​and ​NECI ​have ​collaborated ​to ​host ​an ​Webinar ​that ​explores ​the ​business ​case ​for ​LEAN ​construction, ​examines ​the ​methodology ​in ​some ​detail, ​and ​discusses ​how ​to ​procure ​ ​the ​best ​design ​and ​construction ​team ​for ​your ​next ​project. ​ ​Learn ​how ​to ​stand ​out ​as ​an ​‘owner ​of ​choice’ ​in ​today’s ​tight ​construction ​market ​so ​that ​you ​can ​attract ​the ​very ​best ​talent ​to ​deliver ​the ​results ​your ​stakeholders ​expect.

Instructor: Kathleen ​Lausman, Shift2Lean Facilitator
Format: Online seminar with two-way voice and text communication between you/your team and your instructor
Investment: $119 per person OR $597 for unlimited participants

Learning Objectives

  • Explore ​a ​brief ​history ​and ​the ​business ​case ​for ​incorporating ​LEAN ​methodology
  • Review ​LEAN ​fundamentals ​and ​how ​they ​work
  • Examine ​strategies ​for ​going ​to ​market ​for ​LEAN ​in ​a ​fair, ​open ​and ​transparent ​process
  • Discuss ​how ​to ​prepare ​your ​capital ​project ​for ​LEAN ​success
  • Discover ​practical ​steps ​for ​taking ​LEAN ​methodology ​to ​the ​next ​step ​within ​your ​organization


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This ​session ​is ​essential ​learning ​for ​anyone ​working ​on ​the ​owner’s ​side ​in ​capital ​planning, ​infrastructure ​or ​other ​major ​construction ​projects. ​ ​It ​is ​particularly ​recommended ​for ​the ​owners’ ​capital ​projects ​teams, ​procurement ​teams ​and ​finance ​teams ​to ​attend ​and ​learn ​together. ​

INSTRUCTOR: ​ ​Shift2Lean ​Facilitator, ​Kathleen ​Lausman

Kathleen ​is ​a ​Building ​Industry ​professional ​providing ​expertise ​in ​capital ​planning/life ​cycle ​asset ​management ​and ​Project ​Management ​using ​principles ​and ​processes ​enabled ​by ​technology ​systems ​and ​LEAN ​methodology. ​She ​is ​focused ​on ​sustainable ​solutions ​reducing ​waste, ​improving ​asset ​value ​and ​the ​facility ​occupant ​experience. ​Kathleen’s ​30+ ​years ​of ​practice ​includes ​direct ​Project ​Management ​experience ​delivering ​capital ​projects. ​

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