Procurement Metrics: Demonstrating Value

person typing on calculator with charts on desk demonstrating value
This session explores some practical ways that procurement departments can demonstrate the value they bring to the table. Senior management want to be assured that the organization is receiving value for money from its procurement expertise.
Reporting out objectively on meaningful metrics is a great way to be seen as an asset to your organization. There are dozens of metrics which could be considered – we will analyze and discuss a few essential ones. We will show how these lead to internal benchmarking to support business process improvement and accountability. We will share inventory metrics from a public sector perspective and explore how we can use this information to set targets.

We close with a comparison of the price-per-point model vs the weighted pricing model. While the latter is more widely used, the former is seen as an effective option when relating non-financial objectives to the overall value. Senior management may see the price-per-point model as an effective tool where costs must be considered concurrent with value outcomes and stakeholder expectations.

Date: August 19, 2020
Time: 10:00am to 11:30am PT
Instructor: Larry Berglund
Format: Online seminar with two-way voice and text communication between you/your team and your instructor
Investment: $119 per person OR register 5 or more and receive a 10% discount at checkout

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the value that procurement brings
  • Explore ways to demonstrate that value to senior management
  • Review meaningful internal metrics
  • Reposition how contract value is defined

Public Session

August 19, 2020

10:00 – 11:30 AM PST

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