Scope of Work Considerations


As a procurement professional, you know that drafting a thorough and precise Scope of Work is critical to realizing best value from the competitive process.

So why do we continue to see cost overruns, damaged relationships and litigation resulting from poor scope definition even on major, high-profile projects?

The problem can usually be traced back to failure to devote sufficient time and resources to honing staff skills for what is arguably the most important aspect of procurement planning.

Drafting an effective scope statement is both an art and a science, and some new insights — while exploring a structured approach — can really help you get your Scope of Work nailed down before releasing your solicitation to the market.

Join us for this interactive session led by Paul Humbert, a procurement and contracting specialist and author of numerous articles and publications on this topic.

Topics Covered

  • Discuss why a detailed yet not overly prescriptive scope statement is so important
  • Review what should and should not be included in a Scope of Work
  • Explore best practices in scope drafting
  • Review key considerations for inclusion on your scope drafting checklist

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