Social Procurement: Values which Make a Good Deal of Difference

​Social procurement is an emerging trend where governmental agencies and private sector organizations are contributing to social and economic development in their communities. The ability to award contracts to social enterprises has opened up a whole new supplier sector. While procurement traditionally has focused on the lowest cost service provider, we will discuss how to create more value in our agreements.

During this session, participants will gain a clear understanding of how the principles of social procurement can be applied to deliver meaningful results. We will explore the myths and misunderstanding related to social procurement and the means to impact a broad set of stakeholders.

We’ll learn through pragmatic examples and stories. We’ll share objective results and models to measure benefits of this procurement strategy.

Trade agreement obligations must be respected. Does this legislation act a barrier or enabler to social procurement? Participants will be provided with exceptions and exemptions for trade agreements.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss core principles, as well as risks and benefits of social procurement
  • Develop increased awareness of social procurement initiatives
  • Differentiate between local sourcing and social procurement
  • Explore how to measure the social return on investment
  • Review the weighting and evaluation of social criteria in bid processes
  • Explore how to integrate social procurement values into lower dollar construction projects


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