yellow and blue man made out of pipe cleaners hanging from edge of water class

On October 7th, NECI’s instructor Larry Berglund delivered our one day classroom course entitled PSPP 101 Procurement Essentials to a group of 23 procurement professionals from the Alberta Public Works Association. At every in-house delivery, we give participants a handful of malleable, fuzzy pipe cleaners at the beginning of the day. Why? The answer is located somewhere in this post. Continue reading to find out…


The Alberta Public Works Association (APWA)

The Alberta Chapter was founded in 1979 to enhance the services of the APWA to the Alberta public works community and to improve the quality of public works products and services to Canadian citizens. The American Public Works Association (APWA) is an international educational and professional association of public agencies, private sector companies, and individuals dedicated to providing high quality public works goods and services. Originally chartered in 1937, APWA is the largest and oldest organization of its kind in the world, with 67 chapters throughout North America. APWA provides a forum in which public works professionals can exchange ideas, improve professional competency, increase the performance of their agencies and companies, and bring important public works-related topics to public attention in local, provincial and federal arenas. To learn more about the Alberta public works association, click here

Why Pipe Cleaners?

To give participants something to do with their hands other than reach for cell phones and to give their brains a creative outlet while learning

We cover a lot of high value strategies in our in-house trainings, so it’s imperative that we do everything we can to help maintain focus. Giving our right brain something to do while our left brain is learning has proven to increase attention span and help with absorption of complex ideas. Check out some of the other artwork this in-house delivery of PSPP 101 produced.

What Were the Best Parts?

The participants advised us that they particularly enjoyed the engaging instructor, group discussions, content, and the inter-active delivery of the course

APWA members found the best parts of PSPP 101 to be:

  • “The way the instructor made the information understandable”
  • “The information was very applicable to my work”
  • “The instructor was very knowledgeable”
  • “I loved the quizzes with the game show clickers”
  • “Information on contracts”
  • “Practicable and accessible information that can be applied to my work. Covered large area of material”

Larry had a great time teaching the Alberta Public Works Association, and we hope to see them again. If you’re looking to have PSPP 101 Procurement Essentials delivered to your organization, give us a call at 888-990-7267.