Have you tried to address a vendor performance issue, only to find that the contract language doesn’t provide the tools you need? Without clear, measurable performance expectations coupled with a graduated remedy structure, a contract is sometimes not worth the paper it’s printed on – literally. Sure, most of the time performance goes relatively smoothly, but when you need contractual teeth it is a great relief to know that clear, express language is already there in the contract.

In PSPP 203, we explore both the contractual provisions and the conflict management skills necessary to ensure effective and efficient management of contract performance, while preserving and enhancing working relationships with key suppliers. Spanning approximately 18 hours over four weeks, learners analyze contract management scenarios to capture lessons learned, explore different performance management frameworks used in real Canadian public sector contracts, and learn about effective techniques for managing difficult conversations, all in an online blended-learning environment.

There are no pre-requisites for enrolling in PSPP 203, although successful completion of PSPP 101 (available online or in-house) is highly recommended. The 200-level courses needn’t be taken in sequence, and if you enroll in the entire Program at once you’ll receive 20% off the entire series!