Yukon government

While online training provides easy access and just-in-time learning, progressive organizations understand the many benefits of offering live in-house procurement training initiatives for their staff.

Face to face training sessions are a great way to provide foundational knowledge for new hires, a refresher for seasoned staff, or a deep dive into a new and emerging topic to ensure that everyone is on the same page.  As delivery is for a dedicated cohort from one organization or association, sessions can be customized using internal templates, policies and ‘burning issues’ to ensure direct relevance to the most urgent training needs.  Along with creating a solid foundation and knowledge base, in-house training also provides a great opportunity for the various departments to connect, and to share their unique perspectives, knowledge and issues.  This builds an opportunity for members to build social bonds, promote cross-functional team building, and to connect to the strategic objectives of the organization.

The Yukon Government has been a leader in capitalizing on the benefits of in-house training, hosting NECI’s programs and Signature Seminars for a wide cross-section of their ministries, from diverse geographical areas.  A primary goal has been to create consistency in approach, design and conduct of the myriad procurement initiatives on the go in the Yukon.

The training events have been so successful that NECI is now partnering with the Yukon Government and Yukon College, to open the opportunity to broader public sector organizations in the region.  On September 19th, 2016 PSPP 101: Public Sector Procurement Essentials will be held as a public session through Yukon College in Whitehorse.  It is open to anyone able to attend, so mark your calendars and register early to avoid disappointment!

PSPP 101 –  This course should be a requirement from all levels of organizations that procure services and goods.  Offers a clear understanding of duties and responsibilities of both parties.   –  Glenn Lemoine, Highway and Public Works, Yukon Government

If you are interested in boosting the procurement capacity within your organization, visit our Course Calendar to view upcoming training dates.