Shanna Epp
Procurement Advisor, Yukon Government

“I often blamed the procurement process for issues that I thought were ‘just how things were done’. But I was wrong…”

Shanna Epp is a Procurement Advisor for the Yukon Government. Day-to-day, Shanna gives procurement advice, makes recommendations, supports development of policy, and engages in vendor outreach.

She wanted to invest in her career, but wasn’t sure how

She chose the PSPP program by NECI because of its focus on Canadian Public Procurement and commitment to providing students with the most up-to-date critical information in procurement law.

Shanna attended the PSPP entirely online, with a cohort of other public procurement professionals  from across the country.  Although she found the online format to be a different learning experience than  she was used to, she appreciated the flexibility it offered her and ultimately concluded that both the format and course delivery were ‘fantastic’.  The weekly online sessions with her instructor kept her on track, reaffirmed that she understood concepts and gave her the confidence she needed to take on more responsibilities.

During the PSPP Program, Shanna was relieved to discover there are common difficulties and challenges for all public procurement professionals, regardless of the organization they work for.  In addition to expanding her network, Shanna discovered how to navigate these issues, deal with tough situations, and follow proven methods to ensure successful contracts.

Shanna rates the program 10/10, and would highly recommend it for others in public procurement.

What Were Shanna’s Best “Take-Aways”?

“I learned that planning is incredibly important. If done properly, it can set a path for the future that not only reduces issues, but guarantees better performance!”


“It’s so easy to get lost in paperwork that sometimes you don’t pay close attention to contracts through the entire performance period. Performing regular, on-site inspections not only improved my contractor performance, but also made the final evaluation process much easier!”


“Techniques I learned in the PSPP program taught me valuable ways to ensure successful contracts, make my day-to-day life easier, and develop solutions for (once) irritating situations”


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